Once Upon a Beginning…

A friend of mine, one of the Enablers (you’ll understand that name later), has a farm fair twice a year.  Like her farm, it is somewhat small, but surprisingly productive. I went once, years ago before I knew her, and it was awesome.  I’m sure it is even more so now.

Anyhow, she told me a few weeks ago that I could have a booth at her fair if I wanted. You know, for my painted furniture and home decor she knew I liked doing.

My what?

See, I didn’t have my own business. I didn’t have a name, logo, or even products. All I had was years worth of dreams for the future and about… 3 pieces of furniture I’d recently painted for myself.

But I guess all I really needed was someone to offer me a spot at a fair. ‘Cause I promptly dove in headfirst, with the tentative support of my husband, enthusiastic help of my oldest daughter, and bemused tolerance of my other children.

So now I have this blog, which needs so much work obviously, but hey! it exists. I also have a pinterest page, a facebook page, an email, a twitter (I think, my daughter was going to set one up), an instagram, and a youtube channel.* All of which are currently empty.

I also have several corners and nooks in my already full house stuffed with thrift store furniture and smaller items to fix up/paint. This is putting a strain on the husband, but he is being a trooper. I have some paint (is there ever such thing as enough?) and some other basic supplies. I have so many ideas.

I have so much I need to learn. About shopping for furniture, re-purposing furniture, painting furniture. About selling. About owning my own business and brand. I’m not even sure I know what my own style is!

It’s not as if I really have time for any of this, actually. I’m the mom of 9 free-range children whom I homeschool and owner of about 50 birds (turkeys, ducks, chickens, guineas, and geese), 3 rabbits, 1 dog, 5 cats, 1 fish, and a snail. All of these are in constant threat of multiplying, too. The work is always multiplying. The laundry is multiplying. I really hate laundry.

But…but…but…I’m going to do this. I usually do better at life when I have a full schedule. Except when I don’t. I’m great at scheduling! I’m somewhat rather lousy at following my schedules. But I’m going to do this.

So, from scratch, cataloging everything I’m about to put myself through, here is my first blog post. Welcome!


*pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/phoenixnestdesigns
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Phoenix-Nest-435426043555679/
email: phoenixnesthomedecor@gmail.com
twitter: phoenixnesthome
instagram: PhoenixNestHomeDecor
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJM5UVBAUMT9HpbF24XHxUQ?

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